Call | Cultural Diversities and Spaces of Intervention

Call for papers | Cultural Diversities and Spaces of Intervention


Olga Magano ( Assistant Professor, Open University, Integrated Researcher CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL )

Maria Manuela Mendes ( Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, Integrated Researcher CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL )

Contemporary societies are marked by the confluence in social and symbolic spaces of different geographical, social, ethnic and cultural origins. Plural and multicultural coexistence is a goal that can be achieved, but it is not always achieved peacefully and fully. Sometimes there is a tendency towards proposals for cultural standardization and homogenization, imposed through assimilated policies, social and social norms, or leading forms of distinction and distances between various people and social groups according to social origins (socioeconomic, social class), cultural, geographical, etc.

This call in the context of the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology under the motto Heated identities: differences, belonging, and populisms in an effervescent world and in the thematic section Cultural Diversities and Spaces of Intervention aims to constitute a space for dialogue and exchange of study on cultural diversity, relationships. intercultural processes, construction and reconstruction of identity processes, without forgetting the fluidity of social and identity boundaries and social recomposition with the merging of new plural identity forms, lifestyles, models of social intervention and reference practices in terms of social inclusion of groups. or social groups of different cultural and geographical origins among researchers, social actors, particularly sociologists whose trajectory is found in academic and sometimes poorly known and recognized forums, policy makers and civil society at large. All academic and non-academic colleagues who are involved in applied research or research action are invited to present oral communications on results and methods used, posters or visual documents such as short films or short films centered p. and in local, national or international and innovative projects that may constitute good practices or reference practices and what are the criteria used, deepened and discussed among peers in this congress.

The call for papers to the XI congress under this section can follow two models:

1) As oral presentations in cases of basic / pure or applied research, should include the following explanations: theoretical framework (problematic); general objectives and requirements; diagnosis of intervention context; methodology (exhaustively), results (theoretical and theoretical-practical), answers (theoretical problems), innovation (in the case of applied methodology - identification of the production of new knowledge, new problems, new methodologies or improvement and construction of scenarios)) ; evaluation (mandatory only for applied research: project evaluation, trend analysis, etc.); monitoring (mandatory only in case of applied research (in observatories, project monitoring equipment).

2) Proposals from the non-strictly academic environment and areas most associated with direct intervention. In this case, we admit 3 categories of participation: poster; visual documents such as short films or short centered films i.e. in local, national or international projects on methods and exhibition of innovative and oral communication. In the latter case, the presentation of a theoretical framework or the construction of a problem is not mandatory. The general and specified objectives, the diagnosis of the intervention context should be included; summary presentation of the methodology; theoretical-practical and practical results and conclusions (answers to practical problems); innovation (production of new knowledge (whenever not covered or insufficiently covered by academic production); new methodologies or their improvement (for problem solving), implementation of policies and programs; evaluation (project evaluation, trend analysis, etc.) and monitoring (internal or external monitoring).

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