Call | Sociology of Childhood

Call for papers | Sociology of Childhood


Catarina Tomás [Lisbon Polytechnic Institute and CICS.NOVA. FCSH.NOVA]

Gabriela Trevisan [ProChild COLAB and CIEC/University of Minho]

The Sociology of Childhood since its conception highlights childhood as a social construction and children as full, competent, active and voice-acting social actors. Nevertheless, the prevailing and current discourse on children and childhood remains based on traditional formulas and classical principles that restrict their full citizenship assumption. It is not, however, possible to consider the current debate about this social group without framing it in the global conflict processes and integrating it into a political and legal framework, new forms of social and family organization, changes in the structure of social inequalities. and poverty, changes in gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, among others. These new trends contribute to the diversity of living in society, which implies the redefinition of new roles, new spaces and new voices in the exercise of citizenship. Finally, the growing need for interdisciplinarity in the study of childhood and the adoption of innovative methodologies for its understanding constitutes a challenge to reflect on its condition in today's world.

Thus, considering the theme of the XI Congress, we invite everyone to present communications focused, though not exclusively, on the following themes:

  • children's rights in an effervescent world;
  • children’s participation, citizenship and activism;
  • public policies for childhood, inequalities and differences;
  • spaces and territories;
  • intergenerationality;
  • childhood and intersectionality;
  • children's places in educational spaces;
  • conflict(s) and violence(s);
  • culture and media;
  • interdisciplinarity, ethics and methodology in research with children;
  • intervention projects with children;

The Coordination of the Thematic Section of Sociology of Childhood invites all interested parties from the academic and non-academic context to submit abstracts via the Congress platform. Participation modalities are as follows: oral communications, posters, visual documents (e.g. short films or short films more focused on projects, interventions, etc.).

ST may then select the best communication (s) to be published in the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE.

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