Call | Sociology of Consumption

Call for papers |Sociology of Consumption


Sandra Lima Coelho (Católica Porto Business School / Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Porto)
Hernâni Veloso Neto (Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology / Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Porto)

Nuno Amaral Jerónimo (University of Beira Interior - LabCom)

Although consumerism remains a central phenomenon in contemporary society, and retains its roots as one of the main sources of identity construction and social distinction, consumption and its ramifications have come to know new formulations. These new alternatives (such as sustainable fashion, exchange markets, artisanal production), and/or digital transformations (social networks, electronic commerce, click bait) can be characterised as consumerism as much as traditional acquisition of retail products.
At the confluence of the Thematic Section of the Sociology of Consumption with the general theme of the XI Portuguese Sociology Congress, consumption in societies is still central as an essential producer of differences and meanings of belonging. Consumption, both material and immaterial, is a quintessential identifier of identity constructions.
Contemporary consumption assumes both the character of material relation to reality and can represent a post-materialist identification in a discursive construction about the very essence of consumption and the capitalist production system.
The Thematic Section of Sociology of Consumption invites the participants in the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology to present summaries of up to 300 words on the various possible approaches to consumption. In addition to academic and scientific contributions on the subject, this Thematic Section encourages and welcomes the participation of more targeted approaches to consumer related work experiences. Thus, the Thematic Section of Sociology of Consumption calls for the submission of communication proposals that can make a relevant contribution to the discussion of the following themes:

Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economy
Consumption and Body
Consumption, inequalities and socio-spatial exclusion
Consumption Practices
Consumption, social and / or spatial stratification
Ethical and political consumption
Consumption and food
Consumption and gender
Intergenerational relations and consumer cultures (children, youth, adults and the elderly)
Markets and consumption
Money and consumption
Urban and excessive consumption spaces
Rural and / or rural consumption
Sustainable consumption and sustainable consumers
Consumer and consumer theories
Consumption, Animals and Nature
Fashion and clothing
Digital consumption
New actors (social networks, influencers, youtubers)
Advertising and consumption: languages ​​and representations
New trends and dynamics in audiovisual consumption (Netflix, HBO)

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