Call | Sociology of Emotions

Call for papers | Sociology of Emotions


Manuel Lisboa (CesNova/ONVG - FCSH/UNL)

Jack Barbalet [UWS]

Ana Roque Dantas [FCSH-UNL]

Acting, thinking and feeling: the role of emotions for social identities construction

2020 hosts the XI Portuguese Sociology Congress under the theme of Heated identities: differences, belonging and populisms in an effervescent world. This conference aims to discuss the logics of contemporary identities configurations in all its complexity. The event is organized in Thematic Sessions (TS).

The Sociology of Emotions TS will promote the reflection and discussion of this theme through a Sociology of Emotions perspective. The analysis of emotions is fundamental to the understanding of different ways of acting, thinking and feeling and how social identities are constructed in contemporary world. Emotions influence social action, social actors’ decisions and interactions as well as their connection to the social structures and cultural symbols. Moreover, social interactions and contexts influence experiences and emotional expressions. Identities are forged in the intersection of different social and emotional experiences.

We hope the next Conference constitutes a space of discussion around the role of emotions in social life, in organizations and to the construction of individual and professional identities.

The Sociology of Emotions Thematic Session opens a call for papers, posters or visual documents (such as short films) that focus the proposed theme. We expect contributions for the theoretical, epistemological and/or methodological debate of emotions, resulting both from fundamental, applied or action researches.

The evaluation process will have in mind the different types of proposals. Specifically, proposals resulting from fundamental or applied research within the Academia should include a clear identification of the theoretical framework; general goals and specific aims; methods presentation, results and discussion. On the other hand, proposals of applied or action-research, resulting from research outside the Academia, are expected to include general goals and specific aims; diagnosis of the context under intervention; methods description; and oriented-results.

Proposals should contribute to the theoretical discussion of emotions through a sociological perspective as well as to the understanding of specific emotions (nature and description), and/or their effects on social life, identities construction or even the relations between emotions and social movements or social inequalities.

The Congress will take place in Lisbon, at ESPP/ISCTE-IUL and ICS-ULisboa, between the 29th of June and 1st of July, 2020.

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