Call | Environment and Society

Call for papers | Environment and Society

Coordinators: João Guerra (ICS-ULisboa)

Ana Horta (ICS-ULisboa)

Elisabete Melo Figueiredo (UAveiro)

The main theme of the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology – “Heated Identities: differences, belonging, and populisms in an effervescent world” – has deep, although not always obvious, implications in the research topics within environmental sociology. Examples of those implications relate to the old NIMBY notion; the articulation between identities, discourses and practices regarding ecological issues and the natural world; and the involvement in environmental movements. In addition, current controversial issues as the protests and strikes for climate; the opposition to mining; as well as the political and electoral expression of environmental problems and the relationships between human beings and animals, constitute examples of the abovementioned implications. In the Environment & Society Section sessions, we intend to explore and debate these topics, as well as other relevant issues, from not only the academic point of view but also taking into account perspectives from applied research and research-action initiatives conducted outside academia.

In fact, we strongly encourage the participation of non-academic colleagues in the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology, giving the stage to research that is not, very often, well known by the broader sociological community.

Consequently, we welcome oral presentation proposals, as well as posters, videos and other formats, from academic and non-academic sociologists and other professionals dealing with the relationship between environment and society,

Proposals may also focus one of the following (or other) topics:

A. Adaptation to climate change

B. Climate change and international governance

C. Environmental education

D. Forest fires, population and territory

E. Water, drought and pollution

F. Sea, coastline and sustainability

G. Exploitation of natural resources

H. Adoption of renewable energies

I. Technological innovation and environment

J. Consumption and changes in social practices

K. Social values and perceptions

L. Environmental justice

M. Environment and health

N. Energy and food poverty

O. Transportation and urban planning

P. Cities and environmental strategies

Q. Food and sustainability

R. Animals and society

S. Protected areas, nature conservation and biodiversity

T. Waste and recycling

U. Discourses, images, environment and sustainability

V. Risk and ecological degradation

We invite all sociologists, researchers and professionals working within these (and other correlate) fields, in academic and non-academic contexts, to submit a proposal to this Call.

Posters and visual documents such as short films focusing on projects or interventions will be accepted. These proposals, despite the differences between academic and non-academic contexts, should be formulated considering a theoretical framework, objectives, methodologies used, diagnosis, results and conclusions.

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