Call | Identities, Values and Ways of Life

Call for papers | Identities, Values and Ways of Life


Emília Araújo (UM)

Rosalina Costa (Uévora - CICSNova)

One of the fundamental issues that need to be discussed about identities and ways of life in the contemporary world concerns the experience of risk and uncertainty in everyday life. Some discourses, especially on media, have emphasized the prevalence of fear and insecurity, highlighting the weakness of technoscientific policies and systems to provide mechanisms for the production of stability and security. Other discourses and trends highlight the way people adapt to the growing dynamics of uncertainty and instability, enhancing the institutionalization of rupture and discontinuity in individual and collective lives.

The proposal for this Congress of the Portuguese Association of Sociology is to discuss, within the thematic area of identities, values and ways of life the various levels and scales of uncertainty and risk in the experience of the subjects, both individually and collectively, thereby highlighting the interest in analyzing and deconstructing the trend towards normalization of discontinuity and uncertainty. It is sought, on the one hand, to provide the analysis of the effects on the transformation of experience and, on the other hand, the observation of the strategies and mechanisms of overcoming engendered by institutions and individuals.

Thus, the continuous analysis of concepts of identity and how it is built in everyday life are considered fundamental, raising new questions to social subjects. There are multiple theoretical debates that can be initiated around issues of identity and ways of life in contemporary society. Some of these will be related to the progress of digitisation and cultural change; others with various transformations in ways of understanding and defining everyday policies and practices and their relationship with macrostructural phenomena and/or transformations. Others will still be related to perceptions and representations about the past and, mainly, about the known future (des), particularly at the level of groups and communities.

The strategic dimension of everyday life, as well as the concepts of subject and system are some of the relevant topics in the debate. The questions to be asked are (only apparently) simple: how are people living? What are the main sources of uncertainty in their lives? What narratives do they produce about their past and future? To what extent and how do they maintain "stable" life paths? In the organization of family life, in a professional context, in the political sphere, in the practices of consumption and leisure, in the experience of health and disease and in loving and social relationships, in general? How do they react and act individually or collectively in the face of the need to change? What strategies do they use? What is fixed, routine or ritual and, at the same time, unstable, unpredictable or episodic in these strategies? These are some of the questions we selected for the XI Congress Portuguese sociology, whose theme is Heated identities: differences, belongings and populism in an effervescent world.

We call for the submission of proposals from the reflexivity raised in an academic context (basic or applied research) and non-academic (applied research, action research) that enable the presentation and sharing of completed or progressed research results, thus contributing to the discussion of identities, values and ways of life.

Regardless of the context of origin, abstracts will be assessed by its clarity as well as its relevance for understanding the theme under discussion. They need to include a synthesis of the theoretical framework, presentation of objectives, methodology and main results or questions raised.

In addition to oral communications, proposals for posters and visual documents, such as short films or small films focused on specific projects or interventions, are also welcomed.

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