Call | Knowledge, Science and Technology

Call for papers | Knowledge, Science and Technology


Ana Raquel Matos (CES-UC)

Maria Strecht Almeida (ICBAS-UP)

Pedro Xavier Mendonça (ISCE, Lisboa)

The main objective of the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology, under the motto “Heated identities: differences, belonging, and populisms in an effervescent world”, is to understand the complexity and the configurations of contemporary identity logics.

Aiming to apprehend the multiple contributions and approaches of Science and Technology (S&T) in the reconstruction of these identities, the call of the Thematic Section “Knowledge, Science and Technology” is to be open to proposals addressing contemporary identity issues, as well as works that have been devoted to the role that S&T embraces in the analysis of differences and inequalities, of belonging and populisms or of possible processes of inclusion and redistribution in society.

This Thematic Section promotes, therefore, a broad call encompassing the research done on the generic questions of knowledge, science and technology and society, as well as research that focuses on the value of S&T for an emancipatory society, mainly concerned with the development of innovative approaches for the (re)construction of identities in different domains: individual, group, professional, etc. Emphasizing this value of S&T, this call gives privilege to proposals aiming the development of critical citizens, with a scientific culture, in different areas, contributing to sustainable communities and societies. Within this framework, proposals are welcomed on these different topics:

  • literacies;
  • critical and creative thinking / knowledge;
  • interdisciplinary dialogues;
  • epistemic dialogue between art and science;
  • history of science and history of technology;
  • public participation and knowledge(s);
  • media and digital skills;
  • science, technology and gender;
  • emerging technologies and political implications;
  • everyday social construction and mobile technologies.

This call accepts also proposals on other subjects that fall within the scope of the Thematic Section.

Considering this perspective, we invite all sociologists, researchers and related professionals to send abstracts representing research within the academic and non-academic contexts.

Posters and visual documents such as short films or short films focused on projects or interventions will be accepted. These proposals, despite the differences between academic and non-academic contexts, must be formulated considering a theoretical framework, objectives, methodologies used, diagnosis, results and conclusions.

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