Call | Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Policies

Call for papers | Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Policies


Fernando Diogo (U.Açores)

Pedro Perista (CESIS)

Paula Campos Pinto (ISCSP-UNL)

The Section ‘Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Policies’ have the intention of invigorating, witin the national community of sociologists, a theme associated with the genesis of Sociology itself and which, in the context of the transformations that permeate societies, encompasses a large number of social problems, whose political and scientific relevance cannot fail to be at the center of the concerns of all professionals.

In a world where we have witnessed the widening of inequalities, with multidimensional, intersectional and cumulative features, it becomes particularly relevant to:

i) Reflect on how the dynamics of Portuguese society shape and reconfigure the experiences of poverty and social exclusion;

ii) Describe, interrogate and problematize the configurations that poverty and social exclusion and people living in poverty and social exclusion take in a rapidly changing socio-economic context;

iii) Analyse and question the responses offered by public policies and the role of the State itself;

iv) Question the discourses on poverty, social exclusion and social policies in their relation with the dynamics of socio-economic development, providing contributions on new approaches and ideas around concepts.

Starting from these four axes of reflection, all interested parties are invited to submit proposals for communication, posters, or visual documents (e.g., short films or videos), by submitting an abstract. Particular emphasis will be given to proposals, from the academic or the professional field, which present empirical results and / or problematize the central concepts and / or policies of the field in an innovative way. It is essential that the abstract briefly identifies the theoretical framework (including key authors) or the project background/initial assessment (in the case of papers from the professional field), the methodology used for the empirical work (if applicable) and the main findings to discuss.

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