Call | Sociology of Health and Illness

Call for papers | Sociology of Health and Illness


Amélia Augusto [UBI]

Joana Zózimo [SOCIUS-ISEG ]

David Tavares [ESTeSL-IPL; CIES-IUL]

The theme of this year’s XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology converges with the classical and contemporary questions raised by sociology of health and illness. It is a fertile field in accounts and identitary narratives about experiences of health, illness, and disabilities, which generate stigma and biographical disruption, among other consequences. The conditions underlying the subjective experience of health and illness also differ, clearly, depending on class, gender, ethnicity, and territory, facts that contribute for health’s multidimensionality and establish its sociological importance. Furthermore, it is in the enforcement of policies as well as in the action of health institutions that these conditions and determinants are reproduced or subverted, namely through the identification of the most varied social needs, and the development of innovative answers in caring for minority groups and those with lower economic, cultural, social, and symbolic capital. Therefore, the experiences in the field of health and illness may enhance or condition the experiences of citizens or social groups in other fields of life, so it is fair to say that the way societies are organized affect the social construction of illness and its qualitative status, the resources allocated to health institutions, the training of health professionals, among other relevant issues in the organization and production of health care.

Acknowledging the quality and diversity of the work produced in this domain, the thematic section of Sociology of Health invites all those interested to present papers based in research work, whether concluded or in progress; in exercises of theoretical or methodological reflection focused on specific themes; or in the context of professional or voluntary work undertaken in the health field.

The XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology will be held from June 29th to July 1st 2020 in ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, and it is the quintessential sociological arena for meeting, debating and disseminating knowledge, also for health sociologists in Portugal. The rules and deadlines for abstracts’ submission, as wells as information on the XI Congress can be consulted in the congress website.

For any doubt related to the Sociology of Health and Illness TS, you can reach us via email:

We therefore invite to submit research abstract proposals in the academic and non-academic context in response to our Call.

Posters and visual documents will be accepted as short films or short films focused on projects or interventions. These proposals, notwithstanding the differences between academic and non-academic contexts, should be formulated considering a theoretical framework, objectives, methodologies used, diagnosis, results and conclusions.

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