Call | Security, Defense and Armed Forces

Call for papers | Security, Defense and Armed Forces


Ana Romão, (Academia Militar; CICS.NOVA)

Maria da Saudade Baltazar (Uévora; CICS.NOVA)

Nuno Poiares (Inst. Sup. C. Policiais e Seg. Interna)

We inhabit an uncertain and insecure world where new and old threats are not contained in traditional borders, on the contrary, they are overwhelming these borders, forcing us to urgently reconsider the complexity inherent in the concepts of Security and Defense and therefore to critically reflect on their dimensions and structuring areas, naturally including the role of the several present agents and the articulation ways.

The old forms of conflict have not disappeared; they have increased responsibilities in terms of global solidarity, within the context of risks and of the violence spiral, which mainly affects the most vulnerable.

In Europe and other parts of the world, the constellation of risks has made clearer the clash between two trends: on the one hand the high levels of security supported by the improvement of technical rules and controls; on the other hand the undomesticated spread of new and old dangers (Beck, 2015) constitute fertile ground for the social explosiveness and fears that so often produce isolation and intolerance, which in turn potentiate populisms.

Whether it's the scientific focus or the field of action, the concerns associated with Security call for a transdisciplinary approach that ST Security, Defense and Armed Forces propose to boost meeting the general theme of the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology: Heated identities: differences, belonging and populism in an effervescent world.

In this sense, we call for the participation of researchers and professionals interested in reflecting and sharing relevant work experiences. For example, we welcome proposals that address topics such as:

  • Multidimensionality of Security and Defense
  • Articulation between Armed Forces and Security Forces
  • Profession in the Armed Forces and Security Forces
  • Perception of the role of the Armed Forces and Security Forces
  • International missions

Papers to be presented may take the form of oral communication, poster or visual documents (such as short films or short films|documentaries focused on applied research projects or action research within the scope of their professional activities).

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