Rosário Mauritti

Socióloga; docente e investigadora (CIES-IUL, Centre for Research and Studies in Sociologie, University Institute of)

Sociologist, Head of Iscte Soft Skills Lab; Assistant Professor at Iscte School of Sociology and Public Policy, Department of Sociology; Researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-IUL); Vice-President of the SNESup, National Union of Higher Education.


Throughout her research career, she has participated in teams of national and international scientific projects and consultancies, invested in specific sociological issues, such as social classes and social inequalities; the characterization of living conditions of higher education students; social change and lifestyles"; "Ageing and wellbeing"; "the role of the State in promoting equity", among others. Currently, she is the representative of CIES-IUL in ESS/European Social Survey; She is de PI of the Research Project "Territories of Inequality and wellbeing" (CIES-Iscte; FFMS) and a member of Eurostudent national team (CIES-Iscte; DGES/MCTES). She has published several national and international articles, book chapters, and books, and participated in communications in national and international conferences. Her recent publications have appeared in International Studies of Sociology in Education, European Journal of Social Work, Portuguese Journal of Social Science, Sociologias (BR); Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas, Sociologia On-Line, and Análise Social.

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