Fernando Diogo

Docente do Ensino Superior

Fernando Diogo has a PhD in Sociology and is an assistant professor at Universidade dos Açores.


Fernando Diogo was the founder of the Cooperativa de economia solidária Káiros in 1995, where he is currently president of the general assembly, and is responsible as a vowel for the Ação Social estatal nos Açores (IAS) between 1996 and 2000, 

he also executes functions as a member of the board of directors o the Fundação Gaspar Frutuoso.

He is currently leader of the following sectors Pobreza, Exclusão Social e Políticas Sociais da Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia, he is also a member of the work group of the Rede Europeia Anti Pobreza (EAPN) on child poverty.

In Universidade dos Açores he is director of the Centro de investigação CICS. UAc and coordinator of the  Mestrado em Políticas Sociais e Desenvolvimento Regional.

In his scientific research he has been the author of studies and publications on the interception of the following areas: poverty, work and female employment, specially in Azores, as well as on youth and their relation with the work world. He is currently coordinating the project Açores: retratos e tendências sociais; and he is part of the project team: Pobreza Infantil: conhecer para intervir.

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