Cristina Roldão


Sociologist, researcher at CIES-IUL, professor at ESE-IPS and member in the coordination of the thematic section Classes, Inequalities and Public Policies of AP.


Socials inequalities at school are her main field pf research, with  particular focus on the processes of exclusion and institucional racism that affect African descendants in the Portuguese society, 

And these issues are addressed in her doctoral thesis and in recent researches of which she is part, such as “Caminhos escolares de jovens africanos (PALOP) que acedem ao ensino superior” (2015).  Through the analysis of official statistical data, but also through biographical methods, she has focused on the processes of school and territorial segregation.

In addition to the academic space in the strict sense, it has participated in the external evaluation of programmes such as Programa Escolhas (2006/07) e os Territórios Educativos de Intervenção Prioritária (2010/11); 

In prospective studies such as the project “Impactos da Redução do Número de Alunos/Turma” (2017); she was a member of the mission team at the Observatório de Trajetos dos Estudantes do Ensino Secundário (2006/09); and she has been participating in the broad public debate on racism in Portuguese society, the gathering of ethnic-racial data and affirmative action policies in the field of ethnic-racial inequality.

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