Piedade Lalanda

Socióloga (Escola Superior de Saúde/Universidade dos Açores)

Born and raised in the Azores I live in São Miguel, a land where I have roots and affections. I am married and have two children who, due to the circumstances, were emigrated. Meanwhile, one returned to Portugal and the other remains abroad. I have always enjoyed teaching, an activity that I have developed since I graduated. I am interested in the themes of Family, Gender and Cultural Identity.


I graduated in Ethnology in France, after twenty years I completed my PhD, after having worked at ICS, as a visiting researcher. I was in political life for ten years and returned to university in 2014.


Degree in Ethnology - Montpellier - Université Paul Valery / France; PhD in Social Sciences / Sociology at the University of Lisbon; Member of the RAA Parliament, Municipal Member of the Municipality of Ponta Delgada; Regional Secretary for Social Solidarity; Coordinating Professor at the School of Health / University of the Azores.

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